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A collection of glowing galaxies I painted for a client. These glow under a UV light.

"Grand Unified Theory", "Drake Equation" and "Centaurus A".

I successfully made a sample book for “Inspired by Science”, the art science book I’m running a kickstarter for later this year. Each piece is paired with an article by a scientist, teaching you about something amazing, awesome, fascinating or cool regarding the science in my Numberism piece. It’s art and science! What more could you want?

Thank you to Mathias Pielahn, Joe Parker and Melissa Gonzales McNeal for contributing your scientific perspective to this book! And to Jennifer Willis for your editing expertise.

I am looking for more scientific contributors. If you interested in being involved, contact me through (or you can sign up in the back of the book!)

And by “made”, I mean it. I designed it, printed it, bound it and everything. I’m really excited that I didn’t fail miserably. It’s a hard cover bound in canvas

Tab printed a crystal today while at Saturday Market on his Makerbot replicator.

It floats, Hazel!
-Watership Down

Tab finished the light box for his gear works face. There is a light box installed behind the frame, filling this face with light from the back.
He made this clear pour in a mold he made off of a 3D print that he designed and printed. It is filed with gears and light fuses. The frame is reclaimed wood, painted with a textured Cooper paint.

I believed this one is $500

Tab made a face that is filled with light fuses and gears! This one looks really cool back lit.

He’ll have it this weekend at Portland Saturday Market.
These are clear pours in a mold be made off of a 3D print that he printed on a Makerbot Replicator. He designed the face in Blender.

Tab finished a new pour of his 3D face today. This one is filled with currency we’ve collected from China, Australia and Canada. There’s also some American cash in there.
He will have this at Portland Saturday Market this weekend.

Tab just finished this piece for his second weekend at Portland Saturday Market.

It’s a clear pour reproduction of his 3D print of a half human/half machine face. It is filed with gears and clock works and set on a copper textured reclaimed wood frame.

Check out my wall of glowing shadowbox frames! I think they look nifty on the brick wall.

New art that I’m bringing with me this weekend at Portland Saturday Market.

The first print of “Petrichor”. 24”x30” #1 of 20. Sorry, I wasn’t able to make any other sizes this week, but if you enjoy this piece, you will be able to preorder it in other sizes this weekend.

"Petrichor" is drawn with molecular formula for Geosim and water. Geosim is released from plant life and dirt during a summer rain and is partially responsible for that summer rain smell.

I also have the glowing pieces “Messenger” and “Jar” in their Shadowbox glow frames.
They are $600 and $530 respectively.

"Messenger“‘is drawn with the wavelength for molecular hydrogen (this is an HII class nebula), its distance in light years, the dotted of light and the Jeans Instability Equation which is required for star formation in a nebula.

“Jar” is drawn with a chemical formula for Luciferin and the speed of light.

This is the very first glowing Shadowbox frame for the Flame. I used Backlight LED strips this time, which work very nicely and made it easy to ship!

This one is sold, but I’m making another one on Wednesday. It is 30” x 11”. $500 with the frame.

Comes with a magnifying glass and a certificate of authenticity.

The flame is drawn with a temperature map of a candle flame in Celsius. The wax is an average chemical formula for paraffin wax.

16” x 20” glowing Numberism Firefly Jar complete! Installed in my custom built shadowbox frame with an interior UV light. It is strained with Bombay Mahogany.

Just finished it. $530 with the frame. Includes a magnifying glass and a certificate of authenticity which describes the numbers used in the piece.

These start as a canvas print and a bunch of hemlock trim. I then paint the print with florescent and phosphorescent paint which glows brightly under black light. The trim I cut, build and stain. I also wire and install the light, which has an on off switch inside.

So I make these from start to finish. Of course, I draw the original as well before I print it.

This photo is taken in a well lit room.

This stain is coming out beautifully